Teena Porter Horlacher, former Chair of the Davis County Republican Party

As former chair of the Davis County Republican Party I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Phill Wright for his inspirational leadership. I have known Phill for many years and he has been willing to go out of his way to assist and guide me in my service to the party many times. I am grateful he is willing to run for chair of the UTGOP so delegates have a true choice of candidate that is willing to do the hard work of the Party.

I know Phill to be a Republican whose actions follow his declaration and adherence to our Republican Party Platform. He backs up those beliefs in his years of sincere service and sacrifice in behalf of the party. He has walked through the trenches and pressed forward as mud has been slung at him in malicious ways by people who want to hold on to power. 

He has been willing to do the hard work that few have been willing to do. Phill does not run away from a problem but works to solve the problem and bring people together. He communicates well and has worked hard to bridge and repair the gap that has been ripping at the seams of the fabric of not only our Party but the freedoms guaranteed in our First Amendment.

I know Phill to be a man of his word. He has great integrity and work ethic. The Republican Party will be well-served with Phill as Chair of the UTGOP. He will assist in strengthening our Party Platform and empower delegates as they do the work of helping to elect Republicans who will adhere to those principles. This is the most important work we can do to maintain our constitutional freedoms and restore freedoms lost.