Sam Parker

I endorse Phill Wright for the Utah Republican Party State Chair. Phill has been involved in the party for several years as a delegate, party leader at the county and state level, and as a candidate. In fact, he’s the only candidate who has previously served in state party leadership. He’s had his finger on the pulse of GOP politics over an unbroken chain of several years to a greater extent than any of the other candidates. When the party was in trouble, Phill was right here to roll up up his sleeves and help lead the fight to defend Utah’s unique republican caucus system. He threw himself into the fight at ground zero, and battled in the trenches to save the party’s time-tested traditions and platform. No other candidate for chair has done nearly as much for the party over the last several years as Phill has, and certainly none has done nearly as much to save and preserve the caucus system. His contacts are fresh, his sense of the landscape is at its peak, and his understanding of party operations is unsurpassed.

Phill and I don’t always agree eye-to-eye on everything, but even in our disagreements, he’s always remained a kind and respectful friend. He’s someone that can definitely put aside personal differences in order to help propel the party forward.

Please support Phill Wright. Vote for him to be the next state chair of the Utah Republican Party.