Loni Schneider

Several years ago, during my very first term as a delegate, I found myself at the convention surrounded by people I didn’t know, many of whom had very strong, and often very loud, opinions on every candidate running for office and on every issue being debated. As a newbie to the arena, it was very difficult to find my footing and figure out who could be trusted, who was deliberately trying to deceive the voters, and who was just along for the ride.

I knew where I stood on the issues based on whether the outcome would protect our God-given rights and liberties as outlined in the Constitution the way our founding fathers intended or whether those rights and liberties would be violated. I was there to vet candidates, to find those like-minded individuals who understood the importance of what they were doing and all that was at stake and were willing to fight to protect our values, people who stood on principle, who could not be bought and sold by the highest bidder.

One of the people whom I met at my very first convention was Phill Wright. He happened to be sitting right behind me. I quickly learned that he was such a person. He had a strong voice and fought unwaveringly for the things in which he believed. And his views nearly always aligned harmoniously with my own. Although he was not running for any office at the time that I met him, it was easy for me to vote for Phill in every election since then, for every position for which he ran.

Phill Wright is a man of talent and skill. Phill Wright is a man of honor and integrity. Phill Wright is a man of experience who does not back down when things get tough. Phill Wright is consistently the man who shows up. Phill Wright is a man who stands on principle and isn’t afraid to stand alone, even when attacked relentlessly by those of lesser character with an inferior agenda of their own. Phill Wright is a man who has earned my trust in the political arena, a man whom I whole-heartedly, confidently and unabashedly cast my vote for in any election in which he chooses to run. Phill Wright is a man whom I am honored to call my friend.

I did not choose to vote for Phill Wright because I know him; I chose to get to know him because Phill Wright is someone for whom I would vote.

Vote for Phill Wright for Chair of the Utah Republican Party. He is a man who will fight to ensure that your vote count!