Kris Kimball, former Chair of the Davis County Republican Party

I’m excited that Phill Wright has thrown his hat in the ring and endorse him for Chair of the State Republican Party. I have worked closely with Phill as party officers in Davis County and as National Delegates in 2016. Phill knows and understands the value of the delegates. How they play an important role in keeping our Republican brand strong and keeping Utah a great state. Phill has valuable experience, the most important factor that is lacking in all of the other candidates. He has served as County Party Vice Chair and as Chair, as well as serving as State Party Vice Chair. He understands the workings of both the state GOP and the county parties, there will be no learning curve with Phill. Delegates can rest assure that Phill Wright has your best interest and will work to keep you relevant in the candidate nominating process. Let’s work to make the Utah GOP stronger than ever with Phill Wright as Chair!

Kris Kimball
Former Chair of the Davis County Republican Party
National Delegate 2016
Presidential Elector 2016