Janice Legler

Phill Wright is a communicator–and we need a communicator for our Chair. He speaks from the heart, and it resonates with those listening. This skill set is one that is desperately needed to bring Republicans together in the next two years. Phill has a lot of experience in the Republican Party–experience that has prepared him to serve as UTGOP Chair. He has served as Davis County Republican Party Vice Chair and Chair. He has served as UTGOP Vice Chair. He has served as a National Delegate, and was elected by Utah’s delegation to serve as their leader at National Convention. He and I have served together through all of the above–plus the last two years we have served closely together on the SCC Constitution and Bylaws Committee. Phill is unquestionably the one candidate who has been in the trenches working for and with all of us–the steadying force for reason–communicating and updating us all through the efforts of others to weaken and abolish the Caucus Convention system, and to take away our freedom of association. Phill does what he says he will do, and has the experience in party governance that is desperately needed to bring us together as a Party. He cares. He listens. He is available. He responds. He has a vision for building from the grassroots up. He is the man for such a time as this.