David Pyne

As a longtime grassroots elected GOP leader who has served as Region Chair, Senate District Chair, SCC member, Alternate National Delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention and as a Regional VP of a national Republican organization, I have been looking for a candidate for Utah GOP Chair who is inclusive and can bridge the divide between the two factions and heal the Party. While Phill served as Utah GOP Vice Chair and as the head of Utah’s delegation to the 2016 Republican National Convention, I have seen Phill’s principled conservative leadership and commitment to unite the Party up close and can say with great confidence that he is exactly the kind of leader that the Party needs to bring the Party together now that the SB-54 lawsuit is behind us! Accordingly, I am proud to endorse Phill Wright for Utah Republican Party Chairman and encourage all of my state delegates to vote for him at the Utah GOP Convention on May 4th so he can lead our Party to victory in the 2020 election cycle!