Phill Wright UT HSE 19

In politics there are often two approaches: top-down or bottom-up. For too long we’ve tried to first approach. That is why I want you to join me in building the Utah Republican Party by “Working from the ground up.” What do I mean by this? I mean utilizing the party’s root strength of roughly 700,000 thousand Republicans across the state in three ways:

First, let’s do what works – I call this “Party Proven”

Second, let’s focus on what matters – or what I call “Republican Focused”

Third, let’s use our built-in grassroots system – what I refer to as “Caucus Centered”

*Caucus Centered will be released Live on Facebook, April 19 @7:00pm. Join me at following the video for a Q&A

Party Proven

I’ve served in our party for almost 20 years and volunteered at nearly every level. My experience includes: Utah Republican Party Vice-Chair, Davis County Party Chair and Vice-Chair and Fifteen time State or County Delegate.  I’ve been involved in the party so long my hair turned white! But, my experience has taught me one great lesson: Let’s do what works! I call this “Party Proven,” meaning we focus on what has proven to work.

We accomplish this by implementing ‘best practice’ methods from county parties across the state. County parties function like states: they come up with new creative ideas and they experiment! Sometimes succeeding and sometimes failing. But, they learn what works!

Here is what I’ve seen work though my years of experience:

  • Engage with party members and delegates on a regular basis
  • Ask members to volunteer in our party and community, and provide ample opportunity to be involved!
  • Fundraise by reaching out to the many rather than the few. If just 5% of the party donated only $5 per month we would have nearly $2 million dollars a year!
  • Participation at Caucus night increases when the party provides adequate training, resources, information and preparation.