Meet Phill

I have been married to my sweetheart Shaun McKinney Wright since 1982.  We have been blessed with seven children and eleven grandchildren.  I am a published author of multiple fiction and non-fiction novels.  I spent more than 35 years in the financial services industry and am currently the VP of Government Affairs for a highly-successful Utah software company.

My membership in the Republican Party spans nearly 40 years. My first vote cast was in 1980 and I’m proud to say I helped elect Ronald Reagan to be our 40th President! Nearly two decades of service in the Utah Republican Party have prepared me to be the next chair. Check out my credentials below. 

Chair of the Utah Delegation to the 2016 RNC Convention

In 2016 I was elected by the  State Delegates to be a National Delegate to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. I was then elected by our Utah National Delegates to be the Chair of our delegation. I worked with Utah Senator Mike Lee to make the voices of Utah Citizens heard. It was a humbling experience to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with fellow delegates from Utah. These relationships will be invaluable as I build coalitions across the state. 

Utah Chair for the 2016 Ted Cruz Presidential Campaign

During the 2016 presidential cycle I served as Chair of the Utah Ted Cruz Presidential Campaign. Ted Cruz won Utah with nearly 70% of the vote, the highest vote percentage in the nation! When our party nomination went to Donald Trump, the news media asked me. “Now, what are you going to do?” I replied, “American deserves better than Hillary, I am going home  and campaigning for Donald trump!” and I did!  I was thanked for my efforts on the campaign and was able to direct all my efforts to making sure we kept Hillary out of the White House. Ensuring Republican success is what I refer to as “Republican Focused.”

Vice Chair of the Utah Republican Party

Serving as Vice Chair of the Utah Republican Party provided me the opportunity to travel across our scenic state to promote our party and platform. I met with countless Republicans whom I have developed deep friendships with. Throughout my travels I learned what county parties were doing that worked and what did not. While serving as Vice Chair we had a 99% reelection rate of Republicans throughout the state. These success stories are what I call “Party Proven.” I want to implement those proven successes at our state level. 

Chair and Vice Chair of the Davis County Republican Party

As Vice Chair and then Chair of the Davis County Republican Party Chair I learned that Republicans accept the call to volunteer in our party and community when we provide ample opportunity for them to be involved and ask them to come! When planning for our big annual fundraiser we opted to do a low-cost Lincoln Day Dinner while other counties were charging a hundred dollars a ticket. The result? We had our most successful fundraising dinner in the history of the county! Through this grassroots effort we raised tens-of-thousands of dollars over two fundraisers, and when I finished my chairmanship we had nearly $50,000  in the bank. This is an example of “Party Proven.”

15-time State or County Delegates

Our grassroots-election process works so well because it is inclusive, effective and promotes accountability. For these reasons I have consistently advocated for Utah’s Caucus-convention System. I helped raise nearly $500,000 to fund the lawsuit against SB54, attended every court hearing in the legal case and united politically-differing groups and people from across the country in support in the case against SB54. These included Mike Lee and Rob Bishop of Utah, The National Green Party and a coalition of religious leaders called the US Pastors Council. They all agreed with one idea: Freedom of Association should be protected.

We can modernize the party and utilize the grassroots by encouraging candidates to use our Caucus-convention System, implement technology to improve access and functionality on Caucus Night, share up-to-date information with our base on what matters most and facilitate meetings between members and Republican lawmakers to hold them accountable to our platform.

Only 630 party members out of roughly 700,000 donated to the Republican Party in 2018 – less than .01% of Party membership! If just 5% of our base donated $5 a month party revenues would be more than $2 million a year! I have been making monthly donations to the Party for years. Anyone can do it! I will reach out to all Utah Republicans and I trust that our delegates and Party members will answer the call to help.

In the dictionary the word delegate is defined as “a person designated to act for or represent another or others; deputy; representative, as in a political convention.” In nearly two decades of service I have earned the trust of my neighbors to be able to do just that – represent them – as I utilize the system put in place to allow for us at the most grassroots level to vet and get to know our candidates personally. We get to ask the hard questions and truly work together to promote the principles of republicanism. Embracing this grassroots system is “Caucus Centered.”

Two decades of service to the Utah Republican Party

I love our Freedoms and I have worked tirelessly to promote Republican ideals and our platform locally, at the state and national levels. You won’t have to wonder what I have done for the party the last six years – I’ve been fighting for our Caucus System, Republican candidates and conservative ideals!

“Let us be sure that those who come after will say of us in our time, that in our time we did everything that could be done. We finished the race; we kept them free; we kept the faith.” — Ronald Reagan

What I said in 2017 still stands true today – – “Our mission is to promote the platform so that we can bring more people into the Party when they discover that they share the same beliefs and values. We’re not looking for candidates to run as Republicans. We’re looking for Republicans to run as our candidates.”