I have been a registered Republican for nearly 40 years. My first vote cast was in 1980 and I’m proud to say I helped elect Ronald Reagan to be our 40th President!

My last twenty one years have been spent in Davis County; but, having lived all across the country, from California to Georgia, here is what I can say with certainty: Utah is a special place and I love the Utah Republican Party. I have served at nearly every level imaginable in our party. I’ve been involved so long my hair turned white! But, that white hair comes from experience and perspective our party needs at this challenging time: We need to grow our party by “Working from the Ground Up!”

I’m Phill Wright, and I’m running for chair of the Utah Republican Party. Watch my two-minute video as I explain how we can grow our party together.

I’m building my campaign on three ideas:

  1. Party Proven – Let’s do what works
  2. Republican Focused – Let’s focus on what matters
  3. Caucus Centered – Let’s use our built-in grassroots system

If you agree our party should grow from the roots – it’s grassroots – I ask for your vote at the upcoming state convention on May 4.

Join me in “Working from the Ground Up.”

Phill Wright

My Pledge to Utah Republicans

Utah top the charts when measured by volunteerism, economic growth, strong family values and more. Let’s promote the values that have make our state and party strong! I will Promote U.T.A.H.

I will unite Republicans by focusing on the commonalities contained in our platform encourage involvement in caucus and party events. I will be transparent and open by inviting public participation in meetings and provide access to information regarding party actions. I will hold myself accountable to my promises and the directions given me by delegates and the SCC. I will always act with honesty and integrity, both privately and publicly.